A Collection Of The Most Epic Photos From Burning Man 2018 Proving It’s The Best Festival On Earth

by Jade Small

From its humble beginnings in 1986, started by a man setting fire to a 9 foot tall wooden sculpture of a man during the summer solstice, burning man has changed and evolved into something massive and iconic.

The true essence of the festival is all about anti consumerism, self expression and inclusion. Today it’s become more the place “to be” where you can rub shoulders with the “rich and famous”, wanna be Instagram influencers and every day people dressed out of the norm in bohemian garb and sparkly stick on bindis.

There are still many who celebrate the week long festival in the true spirit of Burning Man, who put their heart and soul into the installations and who attend with the intention to cleanse themselves and let go. Just as was intended.

We’ve compiled 110 awe inspiring photographs from the 2018 festival, capturing the true soul and purpose of one of the greatest gatherings ever known.

Scroll to the end for a video for a quick view into the madness.



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