Boyfriend Secretly Puts Online Her Girlfriend’s Cartoons That Document Their Relationship.

The two lovers, Catana Chetwynd and John Freed, have been dating for more than a year, when Catana started drawing their daily couple’s life.

It wasn’t even her who had the idea of sharing her drawings online. John’s idea to post her arts turned out to be a good one, since the cartoons have gone viral and his girlfriend has now almost 250 000 followers on her Instagram page.

Many of us who have ever been in a long-term relationship will see themselves in these sweet cartoons. Her artworks highlight the simple things like cuddling on the couch to the cutest gesture like John preparing a warm towel for Catana while she is in the shower.

Scroll down to be overwhelmed by this cuteness;


1. Wait, life existed before me?

2. The struggle is real.


3. Here or out?

4. Feeling like a stalker sometimes.



5. Coffee addiction.


6. Puppies, kids … same thing?

7. Came only for the doggo. 

8. Sneak attack.


9. Best boyfriend!

10. Gives me chills every time!

11. Even with the morning breath?

12. He always puts a smile on my face!

13. When you know it’s meant to last.

14. Hands off, he’s mine!


16. Now that was a good one!

16. I don’t care, that was a good one!


17. My human pillow. 

18. Keep moving, there’s nothing to see here.

Source: InspireMore
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