Illustrator’s Bittersweet Sketches On ‘Intimate’ Love Will Remind You Of Someone!

Gabriel Picolo also conjures poetry dealing with love and lust in a digital form, adhering to the traditional form of illustration. Her work is mainly centered around the sweet moments each couple experience in love during their relationship’s initial phase. Gabriel interprets these moments when these lovebirds profess their love by holding hands cutely, cuddling together, and exchanging louder-than-words looks. Get ready to witness through her work something pure and magical.


1. She makes you happy

Know the feeling when you feel the happiest with that one person?


2. Disregard the prevalent traditions

Accepting them with all their flaws takes courage.


3. Just be you

Nothing to hide from them.


4. The next big step!

When you have each other all the time.


6. Hours of conversations

No matter what you never run out of things to say.


7. What extent would you go for her?

If things can be solved with words, go for that.


8. The power of love

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When you just can’t stay away.


9. Moments of bliss

The presence of him enough to light up your day.


10. A bad influence?

Or a deadly one?


11. Icarus and the Sun

Loose control!


12. You have no control over the person you love.

When you know they are wrong for you but you just can’t help it.


13. When it comes to an end

No one cares about the end when they are smitten.


14. Are happy endings a myth?

Love stories that didn’t have a happy ending.


15. Till the end

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Savor every moment.


16. Beyond your control

I hate that I love you!


17. Reading together

It can be fun, not always though.


18. Accepting whatever they say

Even if it doesn’t make any sense.


19. Random dates

They are the best.


20. When you’re not with them

They are in your thoughts


21. Not a care in the world

And that’s how they miss the best part of the movie.


22. Be like the Sun

Away from all the nonsense.


23. Empty promises

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Never promise something that can’t be fulfilled.


24. The breakup

This was bound to happen.



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